Total surface : 160 m2

Roof Garden with a view to Acropolis

2 Bedrooms



Price: Upon Request


The apartment is located in Acropolis district, with total surface of 160 sq.m with a roof garden of 90 sq.m seating area and 50 sq.m garden which offers a great view to the Acropolis. In addition, the apartment is constructed with all the modern and necessary facilities (electrical-sound-security system installations, air con-ditioning system-ceiling fans, heating system etc.).

1. EXTERIOR WALLS: Double brick wall with a 10,00cm thick thermal insulation panel between.
2. ROOF GARDEN: With view to Acropolis in Athens, the roof has an area of 90sq.m seating area and 50sq.m garden. The roof floor has a WC and a well organized barbeque with luxurious marble finish. The garden has an automatic watering system.
3. WATER & THERMAL INSULATION: The exterior walls are provided with thermal insulation of rockwool 10cm thick and weight 175kg. The rockwool is lined with humidity resistance membrane. The roof has thermal and waterproof insulation with 8cm Dow and double waterproof membrane. The area of the roof garden has a special water and thermal proof insulation.
4. SOUND INSULATION: There is sound insulation from the exterior to the interior through walls and roof, as well as the roof garden. Insulation there is in the interior through the interior walls, doors and the floor separating the 1st from the 2nd floor.
5. INTERIOR WALLS: Gypsum board partitions 14cm thick.
6. PLASTER COATING: White cement plaster, ash free.
7. PLUMBING INSULATION: a. Polypropylene pipes b. Water filter for all the house c. Three collectors in the house
8. ELECTRICAL-SOUND-SECURITY SYSTEM INSTALLATIONS: Full electrical installation with VIMAR switches. There is electrical outlet for: a. Ceiling fun b. Power off button close to the entrance, refrigerator excluded c. Hidden camera at the building entrance d. Sound cables have been installed at the fireplace TV areas e. Security-Alarm system with exterior and interior detectors.
9. AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM-CEILING FANS: Cooling units covering the entire house and ceiling fun out-lets in both bedrooms.
10. HEATING SYSTEM: Underfloor heating system with burner WEISMAN, offering economic operation 25% than conventional burners.
11. FLOORING-WALL LINING: The entire house has a real wood waxed floor finish. The baths have tiling floor and walls.
12. DOORS-WINDOWS-SHUTTERS: The interior door is sound proof, made of wood (American walnut) finish. The exterior doors and windows have wooden frame with double glass. There are electrical roller shutters on all openings.
13. WARDROBES: The wardrobes in the bedrooms are well organized with interior lighting and finish American walnut. Additional wardrobes and closets there are at the corridors.
14. FIRE PLACE: An energy fire place closed with crystal in front. It is more efficient than a conventional one up to 60%, pollutes much less the atmosphere and the inside air.
15. VENTILATION: Automatic ventilation is installed for shoe cabinets, closets-storage. There is also ventilation at the bathrooms which receive natural light through vapour resistant skylight.


Nassos Tzoumakis

T: +30 211 7701909
M: +30 6979 036388


Location information

The apartment is at Propileon Str. Its location is unique as it offers a great view to Acropolis from the roof garden, it is in a walking distance from the Acropolis Museum and the Metro station “Acropolis”.